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Hat trick of work

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Life has been pretty interesting recently, out of nowhere I have three assignments come in without even trying. Not that I really look for work as I do this as a hobbyist rather than a professional.

My first came about after being interested in going to see a friend of mine play para ice hockey. It's a sport I'd heard of but as far as I could recall I'd not seen it. In chatting I said was it okay to take pictures and they agreed and to cut a long story short they asked to have some of my pictures. Happy days. The team are the Peterborough Phantoms ( I can say without a shadow of a doubt it was impressive to watch and respect these men and women can do. They make it look easy but I'm sure when I get to have a go I'l find out how hard it really is.

My second was a more interesting stumble. After a tough week at work my wife and I headed into town to meet up with some friends of ours. In the distillery/bar we got chatting with the lady serving and they were looking to do some pictures to use as a visual aid to help them show people how the gins and rums were made. Before I had a chance to mention anything, my wife piped up that I was a photographer and I'd do it. So after some email tennis I end up heading to their other distillery camera in hand to take some pictures for them.

The third came about after working with a lovely lady called Lucy in my full time job, Lucy went all out and started up a business ( providing the very best dog home boarding in Chepstow, Lydney, Monmouth and the surrounding areas. Dogs deserve a holiday too (Not quoting directly from her webpage at all!!). Now bearing in mind the one thing I hate doing is portraits, I accepted Lucy's request to help her out, as it's always nice to help support small businesses and also friends get started out. So I met up with Lucy and her partner and her two Greyhounds Gabby and Pedro and we had a brief shoot and came up with a few nice ones to go onto the website. So if you have a dog that needs a vacation, then head over to Lucy's page above or on Facebook and check Barking Mad out.

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