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Welcome to my site and blog

This is my first blog and I'd like to tell you a bit more about who I am and my history in photography. I'm from Bristol in the South West of England approximately and hour and a half west of London. I'm fortunate to live in close-ish proximity of some great photography spots including west Wales, Devon, Cornwall, the Cotswolds and have great cities such as Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and Exeter within easy reach.

I've been interested in photography since I was a child and I had my first point and shoot minolta. Although I didn't ever own a 35mm SLR I've always appreciated the art of developing film to create images and respect those who mastered the art of developing.

I bought a second hand Canon 300D off a friend of mine's father in law, from there I learnt the skills of using the various settings and got a better understanding of exposure, shutter speed and ISO, all things that I'd heard of bit didn't really know anything about.

Later on I signed up to the photography institute course to earn a diploma in photography and have since done additional modules in travel and landscapes, sports and entertainment and finally perfect portraiture which is the biggest challenge for me as it's something I find difficult and plays with my anxiety, however it pushes my boundaries and out of my comfort zone so enjoy (sort of) the challenge.

Ive been fortunate as well to travel with my photography and in 2011 got the opportunity to do a shoot in Paris with a photography magazine where I got to meet some very talented photographers who I learnt a lot from, relating to cityscape photography.

More recently I've looked at night photography and had the chance to go out a with fellow photographer and best friend and toured around the city where we live and capture some fantastic long exposures together. It helps me push my creativity and also started making me think about my shots prior to going out rather than just taking pictures and seeing what I get.

My next blog will be more about my nights out in Bristol (with the camera).

Please feel free to comment on my photography or my blogs as they come out.

M Shed daytime long exposure

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